A veil is not compulsory for a bride to wear and, therefore, many brides struggle with the decision.   However, many brides are choosing to wear a veil as it really is the “icing on the cake” so to speak.  It’s the ultimate accessory!!  More times than not, it’s the putting on of the veil that brings on the tears for the bride, her mom or her special shopping companion. 

As such, we’ve compiled some helpful veil “lingo” for you brides to be:

• Cathedral – it is mostly used at a formal wedding, normally goes from the head right down till it drags on the floor or can be a little shorter so it hangs just above the ground.
• Blusher – this is more traditional and usually about shoulder length. The bride will have the veil over her face until her and her partner are pronounced husband and wife, only then can the veil be removed.
• Chapel – also for formal weddings, this veil goes right down till the floor or slightly shorter.
• Elbow Length – slightly less formal and normally worn in combination with a wedding gown.
• Finger Tip Length – this type of veil is used for formal weddings as well as semi formal weddings.

Most important, when deciding on a veil make sure it is what YOU want, not what someone else tells you looks good.   There are so many veil choices out there – – lace edged, ribbon edged, plain edged, circular veils, birdcage veils, butterly edge veils…..   Each veil is as customizable as the bride herself!   So don’t forget to add your crowning glory on your wedding day!

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