Years ago, wedding dresses were not looked at as a fashion statement – brides simply followed time-honored traditions.  Luckily, that is not the case today!  Today emphasis is placed on contemporary flair and personalization.   The new rule is  there are no rules!!  With that being said, let’s take a look at some of the emerging trends:

– Kate Middleton inspiration.  Yes, it was more than 8 months ago, but her style continues to influence wedding gowns.   Kate brought back the full-skirted silhouette and a timeless look.  “Kate made it cool to cover up,” says Heather Levine, senior fashion director for The Knot.  Today’s brides are doing this with lace shrugs and removable lace straps.

– Demurely sexy.  Mermaid gowns are a very popular choice and reflect the high-fashion, glamorous woman perfectly.

– Light and airy.  Brides no longer want to be carrying around a heavy gown that weighs them down; we’ll see more tulle, chiffon and organza – fabrics that create volume, illusion and drama without the weight.  This goes hand in hand with the romance of weddings today.

– Color.  More daring and individual women are creating the need for options beyond all white.   Color is often added in the form of sashes or as an underlay to the gown.    A colored sash is a novel way to change your dress from ceremony to reception.   

– Embellished belts.   There is nothing that says drama more than a diamond encrusted belt!   Embellished belts are ensuring a modern edge to the traditional gown.

– Vintage.   Whether it be the retro romantic look of lace as in the 20s and 30s or Marily Monroe style glamour ala the 50s.  Expect to see feathers!

– Corset.   There is no single better way to cinch a waist than with a corset. 

– Red carpet looks.   Bling, bling and more bling.    Embelished bodices, ornate trains, and sexy slits evoke the red carpet.

– Accessories.   Jewelery, belts, veils and handbags are all easy ways for a bride to create a look to showcase her personal style.

The best part of being a bride today is that there are so many ways to showcase your styles.   The options are endless.

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